The 'Emerging Science Initiative' is a program I offer to promote good science citizenship. It offers emerging scholars and scientists better opportunities to publish in international science journals and engage with the wider scientific commounity; good science should not be limited by shortcomings of language or writing.  Science citizenship comes in many forms (e.g., peer reviews, mentoring, service work), but ultimately it is about donating our time and resources to help others. I donate a portion of my time to help aspiring scientists and scientists from developing countries through discounts on services; I may be  able to help you publish your article at no cost to you. If you think this may apply to you, please contact me so we can discuss.

 Student rates  Students are eligible to receive 10% discount on all editing services                                                                                 
Country group I* Authors from 'Lower income' economies will receive a 100% discount on all editing services
Country group II* Authors from 'Lower middle income' economies will receive a 75% discount on all editing services
* Based on World Bank designations; for more details