Editing fees will depend on manuscript length and writing quality. Rush projects are accepted when possible, but they are charged at a higher rate. Because every manuscript is different, I will need to review the manuscript to provide you with an estimate of my fee and expected completion date (2 to 5 days for most journal articles). For most projects I charge a set price based on my review of the manuscript, although I can offer estimates based on manuscript length or hourly rates if desired.  For new clients, I can provide an example of my work on a short sample of the manuscript (~250 words) free of charge upon request. Where applicable, taxes (e.g., VAT) will be added to the fees. 


Quoted rates are valid for 14 days, assuming there were not changes to the document. I reserve the right to revise a quote if you alter the document in that time or take more than 14 days to decide to use my services. To see a range of fees associated with editorial services, please refer to a list of reported fees from members of the Editorial Freelancers Association.


Payments can be made electronically via PayPal; alternatively, TansferWise  or a bank transfer may be used, but you will be required to pay a fee associated with these services. Until I receive full payment, I retain copyright ownership of the edits made to the manuscript. That means no journal or publisher can legally publish the manuscript;  upon receipt of final payment of your invoice, I no longer hold any copyright claims on the edited document and it will be returned to you. Late payment may result in an additional charge equal to 15% of the original invoice.