About me

My name is Rob Morrissey, the sole proprietor of Branch Scientific Editing. I earned a BSc in Forest Ecology and Management from the University of New Brunswick in 2001. I later attended Purdue University to complete my MSc (2006) and PhD (2013) with an emphasis on forest disturbances (e.g., fire, disease, harvesting) and how forests respond to those changes. Post-graduate work included time at the Czech University of Life Sciences (Prague, Czech Republic) and New Mexico State University (New Mexico, USA). I have published extensively in numerous scientific journals across several fields. I have also worked as an editor with a larger editing group that specialized in helping Chinese authors publish in international scientific journals. I currently live in Eugene, Oregon exploring some of the wonders of nature with my family.

My commitment

When deciding to launch on this new adventure, I thought of some core values that would help me be a great editor and promote fruitful client relationships. All services I provide are guided by the values of quality, integrity, accountability, fairness, and good science citizenship. 


I am committed to providing my clients with high quality work; in fact, my whole business model revolves around providing you with excellent work at a reasonable price so that you will tell your friends and I might get the opportunity to do the same for them one day. When you hire me, you are trusting me to best apply my  expertise and knowledge to help you be successful. I understand that integrity is at the core of our agreement, and I hold myself accountable to ensure the project deliverables arrive on time. If for some reason you are not satisfied with my work, we will work towards a fair and equitable agreement for both parties.


I am also a strong supporter of good science citizenship. It comes in many forms (e.g., peer reviews, mentoring, service work), but ultimately it is about donating our time and resources to help others. I donate a portion of my time to help aspiring scientists and scientists from developing countries through discounts on services; I may be  able to help you publish your article at no cost to the authors. If you think this may apply to you, please contact me so we can discuss.